Asociación de Modelismo Alabarda – Flying Tigers figure

It’s been a while. Too long in fact.

Let’s just start out by saying that I lost ALL of my photos from the trip to the show in Leganes. Let that sink in…

ALL, as in “every. single. one.” of the pics that I took, of the show, of the models, of the food and sights, but most importantly of the people. All of those photos disappeared forever when the Micro SD card that I was recording them on went belly up the night before we headed back to the States. It was heart breaking, but also an opportunity to practice letting go. That might sound a bit melodramatic, but it’s something I’m working on as a person: not becoming attached emotionally to things. It’s the memories, after all, that give meaning to the photos.

I did pick up a few things (to which I am NOT emotionally attached, I might add) and this is one of them. Every year for the Leganes show, Asociación de Modelismo Alabarda releases a figure for sale only at the show. This year it was a Flying Tigers pilot in 1:32 scale, AKA 54mm. It’s a great figure and dovetails nicely with my interest in aviation subjects, so I snagged one. then I snagged four more to offer for sale. These guys (Asociación de Modelismo Alabarda) only sell at the show, and I thought that it was such a cool figure that it’s a shame it is only available to such a limited audience, so I bought 4 extra figures to offer to my online friends.

The price is $14.95 plus shipping from Seattle, WA

Take a look at the pics and drop me a note if you’re interested.


figure overall copy

figure overall-2

figure details 1 copy