Spanish Civil War Panzer 1 / Panzer 1 de la Guerra Civil Española

TriStar Panzer I

With work on the base wrapping up it’s time to turn my attention to the focal point. This is TriStar’s Panzer 1-early. It’s a gem of a kit! Dragon has since released a Panzer 1 series, which is why I was able to pick this kit up for less than $20. It comes with the parts needed to make a”Negrillo” of the Nationalist forces. I plan to use the kit decals, but will paint the St. Andrews cross on the turret.

Part of my thinking on the color choices on the base was to have the warm front corner be a high contrast against the dark and ever-so-slightly blue-gray of the tank to really make the tank “pop”. I’m thinking yellow may have been a bad choice for the wall at the back end, but we’ll see.

Anyway, back to the model. It was built straight from the box with no modifications. I will use an aftermarket resin barrel for the MG13 that I picked up at Maquetas M113 in Aluche Madrid. If you’re ever in Madrid and you want to check out the model shops, it’s a must-see. Jordi is very knowledgeable and speaks English well. I also picked up a figure that I plan to use on this small vignette, but that’s a post for another day.


My goal is to have this done for the show in Leganes / Madrid in March. Wish me luck!


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