T-62 Afghanistan 1983 completed.

Thanks again to Jose Luis Lopez Ruiz for his generosity and hospitality. This project was a kick from the beginning and I can’t wait to build another 1:48 scale kit – especially if it’s resin!

I added the supplemental turret armor using printed track links that I modeled in CAD. They were cleaned, primed and painted using the same paints and techniques that I use on resin and plastic parts.

tracks process copy

Weathering was applied using a combination of AK washes, various pigments, oils and acrylics to represent dried mud, dust, oil, and rust.


IMG_9034 copy

The base was constructed from styrene sheet and Durham’s Water Putty. Some limited coloration was added with AK washes and Vallejo acrylics. This was followed with a heavy dusting of the same pigments that were used on the model. After the terrain was finished, Vallejo black polyurethane primer was sprayed onto the lower portion, spraying upward from the bottom, using the top corner as a kind of masking.

IMG_8653 copy

Then the model was finished with a few minor details and added to the base. I should secure it with some type of removable fastener for travelling, as I have a feeling it will be “crossing the pond” some time soon…


Thanks for following along, now go build something!

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