Spanish Hornets! Series Españolas Decals

Currently being replaced by the new E and F model F-18’s in US Navy service, Legacy Hornets continue to serve capably in the air arms of the Hornet’s export operators, including Switzerland, Australia, Finland, Malaysia, and the subject of this entry – Spain.

The Spanish Air Force, or Ejercito del Aire “EdA” has operated the F-18A+ and B+ models (similar to the C and D models in US service) known locally as the C.15 and CE.15 respectively, since 1985. Spanish Hornets and their crews have seen combat action in the skies over the former Yugoslavia, and have flown in support of no-fly zones over Libya.

Spain’s 86 Hornets are divided among two main air wings: ALA 12, based at Torrejon Air Base near Madrid, and ALA 15, based at Zaragoza.

Modelers wishing to build a legacy hornet in a non-US finish are offered some interesting options by the Spanish company Series Españolas Decals.

Both Air Wings or “ALA”s are covered by this decal offering, in 1:32 scale (Product #1232) with generic numbers given to allow some freedom in modelling individual aircraft. A similar sheet is also available in 1:48 (#1248) and 1:72 (#1272) scale.

The decals are well printed and in register, with even the tiny stenciling being legible.



The price tag on the sample shown is due to the fact that I purchased the decal sheet with my own funds from a Spanish hobby shop while attending a model show.

Series Española Decals continues to expand their line, and the quality is constantly improving. I have some of their older sheets, much older…and I can honestly say that the quality of their current offerings is light years ahead of those old sheets. I don’t know for sure, but I assume that they are having their decals printed by one of the powerhouses of the decal manufacturing world, based on the sharpness, clarity, thin-ness, and overall quality. The only drawback so far is their limited availability. Currently only available from overseas shops, or directly from Series Española Decals, they can be a little hard to come by, but are invaluable if you want to build anything Spanish. They offer decals for other Spanish types like F-5’s, T-6’s, Eurofighter Typhoons, F-18’s, T/AV-8A/B Harriers, R/F-4C’s and much more, which I will be posting here soon so stay tuned!

You can purchase them directly at Series Española Decals website.

or through various online retailers like Carmina Hobbies.


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