PANZER ACES WWII Soviet Special Edition

Just back from my trip to Leganes (Madrid) to attend the 4th annual Concurso de Modelismo Estatico, I want to take a few minutes to share a few images of the “WWII Soviet Special” issue (number 45) of Panzer Aces magazine. For those of you who don’t know Panzer Aces magazine (published by Accion Press of Madrid), I’ll start off by saying that the quality of the models presented in this bi-monthly title is of the highest level. Modelers Fabrizio Pincelli, Jose Luis Lopez Ruiz, Chris Jerrett, Cristobal Vergara, Radek Pituch, Mig Jimenez and many more supply content on a regular basis. The photography is excellent, with just the right balance of step-by-step photo essays and overall shots to give a sense of the finished piece.

This issue focuses on Soviet armor of WWII. Subjects include:

KV-8 Flamethrower by Javier Redondo
JS2 in Berlin by Radek Pituch
T-34/76 by Diego Quijano
T-34/85 by Fabrizio Pincelli
Voroshilovets Tractor by Cristobal Vergara

The text for each article begins with the customary historical background and transitions quickly into the build and finishing phase. Specific product call-outs are included for those who find that helpful, but I don’t get the impression that the magazine is one long product advertisement. Each author shares his own preferred finishing method and products. The result is exposure to a variety of materials and processes, which I think is a positive thing for modelers a well as manufacturers and suppliers, in addition to being healthy for the publisher – but look at me editorializing!

Who wants to see pictures?






Bravisimo! to the crew at Accion Press and Panzer Aces magazine: Well done! You have me reaching for something in 4 BO…

Panzer Aces is published in both English and Spanish, so be sure to select the English option if that’s what you’re after. My copy happens to be Spanish since I picked it up in Spain and I’m able to read Spanish.

An English copy, shipped to the US will set you back about $20. Hopefully as Accion Press titles become more widely available through distributors in the US, the price will come down a little. Accion Press offers many other titles in their lineup. Look for more reviews in the near future. (English available at the upper right corner)

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